Month: May 2019

Credit History and Refinancing

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In modern times, no one will be surprised by such terms. In our country, almost every person between the ages of 30 and 60 applied to creditors for additional financing. Due to the high demand for loans and microloans, people are diving deeper into the world of lending and increasing their financial literacy. Therefore, there […]

Credit Card Advance

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When you need some money and it is required very quickly, you can take a cash advance on a credit card. The process itself is fairly easy, but it can be a problem in the future. Let’s try to figure out what kind of banking service this is.   What is a credit card advance? […]

Take a Loan For a Trip. And Some Other Obligatory Things …

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Whether you are traveling abroad for a long time or just gathered for a short rest for a few weeks, you should always have all the necessary things with you. Credit cards, documents, cash, for which, if there is such a need, it is better to take a loan in advance for a trip or […]