6 Credit Lessons For All of Us

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Yes, in our country it is customary to copy much from the practice of foreign countries. For example, Europe or America. Thus, in Russia, the term “financial adviser” or “loan assistant” is increasingly heard. This trend is really justified in today’s bustling world, where everything has to be done very quickly in order to get rich or just survive. Of course, as the number of professional consultants grows, the number of various tips and lessons on how to take a loan or loan, how to pay it back and generally monitor your money grows.


6 Credit lesson must be learned


All such tips, as a rule, can be reduced to one statement: be alert, attentive and do not forget about responsibility. Many of us have an open loan, we all need to pay bills, plan a budget, and many prefer to save. In this article, we have collected, perhaps, the most important credit lessons, which should help the majority of bank clients and Payday Loans to take the right path.


  1. Top up every month

If you are a credit card holder, you most likely have the opportunity to use the card without paying interest on the loan. If you close the debts on a card every month, this will become a good rule, with the help of which a useful habit will be formed. Incidentally, such actions will show the lender that you know how to use the money and count your strength. As a result, your credit rating should improve, and your credit limit will increase so that you can make a larger purchase.


  1. Be careful

    Be careful

Among financial advisers there is such a practice: they open an additional debit account to their clients. On this account, they deduct a certain amount every two weeks. In this way, they train their clients so that they do not spend too much money. When a client copes with a task for a certain time, the adviser issues him a credit card so that he can go on a trip, for example.

This is something like giving out benefits to a child. This practice leads to the fact that the client ceases to resist the temptation to spend the extra money. You can apply this kind of discipline to yourself to make sure that you manage your finances. Only after that you can go to take a loan or a loan. After all, in order to responsibly manage your debt, you need to be able to do it with respect to your income.


  1. Do not go shopping with a credit card

To many, this may seem like a difficult task. Indeed, for the majority, the presence of a credit card in a wallet is the main reason for the institution of such a card. You can see a beautiful suit in a clothing store, selling at a discount or ending in an assortment. Why wait for a salary when you can buy now and give money later? But here’s a tip: try to use a credit card to cover travel expenses or to buy something really necessary, and not to pay it at the box office every time.

Many of us have several credit cards. Define your role for each. Let one be for traveling, the other for buying equipment and repair, and so on.


  1. Find out your credit score

    Find out your credit score

It is very important to know your credit history and its status at the moment. Do not be afraid to spoil KI with frequent requests – if you make a request yourself and regularly, it will not negatively affect it. Everyone today knows that the lender makes a decision on issuing a loan based on the credit history of the borrower. It may depend on the percentage and amount of overpayment on the loan.

If you find out that you have a low rating, you can take actions to improve it. For example, take a loan to improve your credit history. If the score is high – you still can not relax, you need to take action to save it. If you took out a loan for a long time, with a good credit rating, you can qualify for an improvement in loan conditions.


  1. Freeze your credit

Each of us has the opportunity to freeze your credit report. This means that it is not the client, not any creditor, who can make a request for information. Thus, you protect yourself from erroneous requests from banks, which can make a request without your knowledge in order to make you another profitable offer. You protect yourself from impulsive buying on credit. And also from identity theft because, as long as you do not defreeze the report, no one can withdraw information from it.

Agree, it is much more difficult to buy something on credit when the bank informs you that it cannot see your credit score. Defrost a loan only when you really need it. If you soberly weighed “all the pros and cons.”


  1. Turn budget management into competition

    Turn budget management into competitionTurn budget management into competitionTurn budget management into competitionTurn budget management into competitionTurn budget management into competition

You should not approach your bills and expenses with a bad mood. Make a game out of it. Encourage yourself if you have achieved victory, even if it is the smallest. Punish yourself if you make a mistake again. Try different types of combat. Competition can be fun, like a game, or it can become a professional habit. And who knows, maybe in the future you will give advice on how to manage your money.

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