A loan for buying winter tires – is this a good solution?

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With the end of summer and the onset of autumn, drivers start looking for winter tires for their cars. The vision of the winter months, ice-covered roadways and snowstorms successfully mobilizes them to do so. Winter tires are worth buying a little earlier, because there is a high probability that in this way we will be able to hit an attractive price opportunity. For safety reasons, it is recommended that winter tires be in good condition. Therefore, it is better to buy a new, unused set. Currently, tires can be bought both stationary and online. More and more drivers are deciding to buy winter tires by taking out installment loans. Once bought, they will successfully serve 3-5 seasons.

Winter tires – what makes them stand out? What makes them different from summer models?

Winter tires - what makes them stand out? What makes them different from summer models?

Winter tires have a slightly different tread pattern than their summer counterparts. Various mix compositions are also used for their production. The winter tire tread has deeper and more frequent cuts. Thanks to this, the material is more flexible and susceptible to all types of deflections. In the case of minus temperatures, the tread prepared this way ensures better tire performance.

The notches on the tread of winter tires are also wider. This solution makes the tire have better self-cleaning capabilities, which is especially important when driving on snow. The composition of the mixture of summer and winter models is different. Winter tires are made of a material that contains a large amount of silica. Thanks to this, they remain flexible without hardening at minus temperatures. The tire produced in this way provides better grip on slippery, icy surfaces.

Is it worth changing summer to winter tires?

Is it worth changing summer to winter tires?

Many people wonder whether it is worth changing summer tires to winter tires. Winter models thanks to the appropriate design are adapted to harsh weather conditions. The tire properly drains water and snow. It has adequate adhesion on slippery and snowy surfaces. Neither a summer tire nor a multi-season tire has such features in winter conditions. In winter, the braking distance of summer models is extended by up to 30% compared to winter counterparts. This in turn affects not only the comfort of driving a car, but also the safety of people traveling by car and other road users.

Due to the significant advantages of winter tires, it is not worth buying them. Summer models do not provide an adequate level of safety. Before buying tires, you can get acquainted with opinions available on Internet forums about a given brand and model. Some variants in quality tests are much better.

Loan for the purchase of new tires for the car

Loan for the purchase of new tires for the car

The purchase of new car tires is a relatively large expense for car owners. It is worth noting, however, that they are usually bought for several seasons. Ensuring proper tires increases the safety and comfort of driving a car. If you can’t afford new tires, consider a loan for this purpose. You should not save money on your own safety.

The purchase of a set of winter tires is an expense from 1,000 USD upwards. The greater the manufacturer’s reputation, the more expensive its products. This is felt for the household budget, especially when we want to buy tires without saving, from one salary. The problem arises when it is time to change tires in the car or the tread wear is very high. In these situations, changing tires is a must for your own safety.

If we can’t afford to buy tires, we can decide to take a non-bank loan for this purpose. It is easily accessible not only for people with a stable income. For a small amount, the costs are not large. You can always opt for a free payday loan – but you must pay it back within a maximum of 60 days. Money from the payday loan, however, goes to the borrower’s account immediately after submitting the application and receiving a positive credit assessment. Winter tires can be bought at a stationary or online store. As a rule, prices are slightly lower for online stores. Here, however, attention should also be paid to the cost of delivery.

Some stores also offer installment sales. It is also an alternative that should be considered when you do not have the appropriate funds to buy winter tires for your car. Some sellers may offer favorable 0% installments. Monedo Now cooperates with one of the popular auction sites in Poland. Attractive installments encourage to spread the commitment over several months. Thanks to this, your home budget will not feel a one-off, large expense. Loans offered by non-bank companies are an alternative to the harder-available traditional bank loans.

Road safety is very important. Every driver should prioritize them. Driving skills are one thing, while the other is the technical condition of the car. It is not always worth saving when buying used tires. A new set of winter tires is a purchase for several seasons.

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