Take a Loan For a Trip. And Some Other Obligatory Things …

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Whether you are traveling abroad for a long time or just gathered for a short rest for a few weeks, you should always have all the necessary things with you. Credit cards, documents, cash, for which, if there is such a need, it is better to take a loan in advance for a trip or a loan, and some other important things that some may not be aware of.

The list of items that will be described in this article is best entered into your mandatory list of things to travel and view it when you are ready to go abroad again.

  1. Credit cards of different systems

While Visa and MasterCard are generally accepted systems, it is possible that any traveler may find himself in a place where such cards cannot be accepted for payment.

If you put credit cards of the most different systems in your wallet, you will be ready for any such surprise, being in a foreign country, many kilometers from home. For example, if you always have Visa and MasterCard cards in your wallet and you find yourself in America, the terminal may only be able to accept American Express or Discover cards. Be sure that you have such cards in your wallet for any “fire” case. In addition to reducing the risk of non-payment, in some cases you can save on purchases using a particular card.

  1. Stripe and Chip Cards

Today, there are many ways to contactless payments, including some bank cards, you can simply attach to the terminal and payment will occur. But, if you go on a trip, for example, to Asia, you should be sure that there is a card with a working strip or a chip card in your wallet.

If for some reason your bank stopped issuing cards with a chip and you don’t have one in your hand, contact a representative and ask to issue such a card for you, explaining your concern. In addition, be sure to know all of your PIN codes from all cards because you may be asked to enter it to make a purchase.

  1. The credit card you used to buy tickets

Always read all the contracts that you sign, especially the text in small print, even when you just buy tickets. In some of them, you can see information that the airline may refuse to board the passenger if he is unable to present the credit card that was used to purchase the ticket online.

Although this is an unusual practice for the countries of Europe or America, but somewhere in Asia you may well be asked to provide a map. It is better in this case not to refuse the airport employees.

This is done to reduce fraud. And you should remember about this practice when traveling. As a rule, they can request a card if the name on the card on which the ticket was purchased and the name of the passenger do not match.

  1. Debit card. But remember the fees

In most places around the world, you can access local currency through an ATM of a local or international bank, and maybe even your bank.

It is certainly very convenient – to exchange currency through an ATM. You do not need to carry a large amount of cash with you in your pocket, as tourists did in the 90s.

But before you go to the airport or take a cruise liner, do not forget to find out your bank charges in the case of using international ATMs. And also, find out the daily limit for cash withdrawals in different currencies.

If you are planning a long trip, ask about the conditions of different banks to serve their customers abroad. Perhaps you will find the most convenient and inexpensive bank for your trip. And save money if you open an account in such a bank and use their card.

  1. Stock up in cash

Even if you plan to make all purchases with a credit card or withdraw money on arrival at an ATM, in any case, make sure that you have cash with you. It’s best to have a currency with you, for which you can buy something or easily exchange it for local currency. Depending on the duration of your trip, take with you 200 – 400 dollars for your own peace of mind.

Take a loan for a trip

Take a loan for a trip

If you like to plan everything in advance, then calculate your budget before the trip, during and after it. Before the trip, it may turn out that you only think about rest and forget about any mandatory spending. After the trip it may turn out that you have enough money for everything, but you will have to make ends meet before the next salary. Therefore, if necessary, you can always take a loan for a trip.

  1. Passport. Your passport

Your passport is an obvious integral part of your wallet if you are traveling. But before putting the document in the bag, do three important things:

First, make sure that this is your passport. You will not believe how many people come to the airport with your spouse’s passport because you threw it into your bag without looking!


Need a passport and make it sure that is valid

Need a passport and make it sure that is valid

Secondly, since we are talking about traveling abroad, you will need a passport. Make sure it is valid. Its duration should not end before you finish traveling. And for departure to some countries it will be necessary for the validity period to end no earlier than six months.

The airline may refuse to board you if you do not meet the visa requirements of the country you are flying to. Even worse, it can happen that you arrive in the country and are denied entry.

And the last. Before you put the documents in the bag, make two copies of each of them. Leave one copy at home, and put the second one deeper into the suitcase. It will not be superfluous to make an electronic copy and download it to your email. If, suddenly, you lose your passport, you will be glad that you have taken such uncomplicated steps.

In addition to a passport, it will always be useful to bring a driver’s license. It is easier to get them from the wallet for presentation, if you need to certify your identity. In addition, they are required if you want to rent a car.

  1. Your yellow card

No, this is not the yellow card you received at the last football match. This is a special document. If you fly to Africa and / or fly out of Africa, you will need to show that you have received the necessary yellow fever vaccinations.

This is a yellow card proof that you can get from your doctor and need to be updated every ten years. If you find yourself in Africa without it, you may be denied entry or have to make a vaccine right at the airport. Few people want to do this, so check the availability of this document in your wallet.

  1. Aero privileges

If you participate in the loyalty program of an airline or a hotel, do not forget to take the relevant documents with you on your trip. In some cases, you can store them in your smartphone, but remember that you may not be able to go online when you need to show them.

Some credit cards have advantages for their customers in the form of the opportunity to visit a VIP lounge or fly first class, subject to availability. Take this card with you, even if you rarely use it for payment.

On top of that, it will not always be superfluous to have bandages or patches with you, several personal business cards and SIM cards for those countries where you are going.

With all these things in your wallet, you should be ready for any purchase or transaction abroad. If you think things through well, you will avoid spending and save money. If you have not calculated something , you can always take a loan for a trip and rest in peace.

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